Queen of minimalism and self-development, Kelly Stamps wants to free her 658K YouTube subscribers from their consumerist tendencies. The 24-year-old Angeleno got her start by posting comedic skits on the platform, then slowly evolving into lifestyle and minimalism topics, finding her content tilt. Moving to the East Coast in the US showed viewers her new skinned-down lifestyle in a pricier-than-average city, kicking off her minimalism journey. 

After trying comedy, #YouTuber Kelly Stamps found a better #contenttilt: minimalist living in New York City. Her audience grew to 658K subscribers. #contententrepreneur #Stan Click To Tweet

According to Insider, Kelly “credits her move to New York City with helping her gain subscribers and a real audience base. Viewers were interested in her vlogs about the city and lifestyle content, as well as finding out more about how to afford to live there on a budget.”

The YouTuber banked 1K a month from YouTube right before her move to the New York City area. Shortly after centering her videos on the Big Apple, Kelly brought in an estimated $3K to $13K a month from AdSense. 

Why we’re a Stan: Kelly evolved her content tilt until she found one – minimalist living in an expensive city – that really resonated with a bigger audience and significantly increased her content business revenue.

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