The man behind the popular daily newsletter Now I Know has grown his subscriber base to over 100K. With quirky and fascinating content like how orange carrots were originally purple one day and a piece about how students in a Bard College Prison Initiative beat Harvard in a national debate championship in 2015 the next, he entertains and informs his audience.

While Dan Lewis has taken Now I Know to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, in the past year, he’s focused all his content in his newsletter (and his day job at Warner Media). He seeks reader donations through Patreon where he offers monthly plans ranging from $1 to $50 a month. According to that page, he has over 660 patrons bringing in over $1.4K a month.

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Oh, and there’s one more fascinating fact. Dan has been doing Now I Know since 2010. Yep, 11 years next month. Why? “It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it. I love to share all the interesting things I learn about, and I now have a great way to do it,” Dan writes on his Patreon page.

Why we’re a Stan: We love Dan’s content tilt: interesting stories that most people don’t know. And the stories cover a strange, wide-ranging gamut, from serious to funny to aha moments. It’s compelling even though it’s not timely content. We’re also wildly impressed that he’s been publishing for 11 years. It’s no surprise he’s built an audience of over 100K.

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