TikTok titan Josh Richards didn’t gain his 25.2M followers overnight. Three years ago, the digital native spent months watching videos on the app, mentally noting what went viral. It paid off when the then-16-year-old learned he could gain traction by posting tutorials and pranks on his account along with lip-syncing and dancing.


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TikTok titan @JoshRichards learned by watching as a teen. Today, the young man is a #contententrepreneur, #venturecapitalist, and more. Click To Tweet

His first how-to video drew 70M viewers. As he uploaded tutorials, his Gen Z audience flooded the comment sections requesting similar videos. 

Later, Josh moved from making 60-second videos to hosting livestreams. There, fans leave questions or comments along with donations. Today, he reportedly makes nearly $1K a minute for every TikTok live session. He also does sponsored posts with brands like Cash App.

Nearly $1K a minute is what @JoshRichards reportedly earns during a live #TikTok session: @CNBC #contententrepreneur #creatoreconomy. Click To Tweet

He isn’t only a TikTok star. The influencer is now a venture capitalist and is co-founder of a talent management agency TalentX.

About a year ago, he became the chief strategy officer for Triller, overseeing the new app’s livestreaming and monetization tools. He says he eventually plans to leave TikTok and publish only on Triller.

Why we’re a Stan: In his early teen years, Josh didn’t waste time just watching TikTok. He knew to watch, observe, and take mental notes about what worked and what didn’t. As a late teen, his TikTok channel has 1.7B views. More importantly, Josh diversified into being a business mogul, co-founding a talent agency, becoming a venture capitalist, and leading strategy for a new music video app.

Cover image via Billboard, courtesy of Triller – Josh Richards

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