Plant coach and Instagram microinfluencer Nick Cutsumpas fills his social media accounts with candid shots of him alongside endless amounts of greenery. His captions give his 128K followers tips and tricks to keep their plants alive and flourishing. Nick’s green thumb as an Instagram content creator happened while the New Yorker worked his landscaping and plant consultation businesses. 

When it comes to sponsorships on Instagram, Nick avoids single deals with brands. “I don’t want to be one of those influencers that does a one-off thing and you hear from me once about the company and then you never hear about it again. It needs to be kind of long term,” this Instagram microinfluencer tells Insider

Instagram microinfluencer @farmernicknyc avoids one-off sponsored posts so he and the brands can build authentic relationships with his audience. #contententrepreneur #creatoreconomy #stan Click To Tweet

A commitment to recurring mentions and posts helped him earn $1.5K for an IGTV sponsorship and $750 to $1K for an in-feed post and story mention.

Why we’re a Stan: Nick having ongoing partnerships with the same brands presents an authentic relationship that is more likely to lead his community to purchase the products.

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