Being a one-person content business doesn’t mean you have to operate alone. The group voice has the potential to create real influence.  

Let’s look at how coming together can have a positive effect on others, how contributions are key, and how the community can become the business. 

Using group strength

Relying on the recommendations of those you know can be a more reassuring way to commit. 

A 2022 study from Keller Advisory Group/SUZY Influencer finds the most trusted sources of advice are not necessarily those with the most attention and the biggest audience but everyday people. 

Influence comes from the world around each person – their friends, family, and coworkers. They may not even know the person personally but consume their ratings and reviews, advice, and input in online communities. 

The most trusted sources of advice are everyday people, not those with the most attention or biggest audience via research Keller Advisory Group/SUZY Influencer, notes @MarkieMasters. #CreatorEconomy Click To Tweet

The impact of this collective voice can be a great boost personally and professionally. Brands, organizations, and marketers should embrace the power of the group and how it affects the wider persuasion. 

It makes you think. Can the community become the market since it helps to solve the problems for others?

Most definitely when “community as a service” (CaaS) comes into play. Mark Schaefer, in Belonging To The Brand, defines CaaS as “access to a group of people is valuable enough to be considered a marketable product.” 

The community is the business. 

Personal value of community

The involvement of people within a group amplifies what they do and raises the ability to rally around each other. 

Participating in a community lets members feel a part of something, a part of people who share similar hopes, goals, and aspirations. These people push each other. They raise the bar for each other and encourage fellow community members to progress in ways that they may not have realized possible.

I know from her experience the power of a group (though it’s not a business.) I live on the south coast of England and most of my life is spent on the beach. A group of us head into the sea every Friday morning, even during the bitterly cold winter months. 

The group comes together to motivate and encourage each other. We have a WhatsApp group where available members make a promise the day before to go in the water together the next day. No one is left behind, and even in winter, people show up and are there for each other. 

Being part of a community means that you tackle obstacles head-on and gain valuable insights from the collective experience.

Being part of a community lets you gain valuable insights from the collective experience, says @MarkieMasters. #ContentEntrepreneur Click To Tweet

Community benefits from the individuals

The strength of the collective is undeniable. 

The influence of everyday people combined with the bond of the community can be a powerful force for businesses. By connecting with each other, everyone can benefit from the rewards that come with being part of something bigger. Each member may have more influence and persuasion as a group participant than they would as a solo act.

  • When people come together, they can create a powerful force. Having people in the same corner can make all the difference. They can provide the support, ideas, and motivation needed. Together, you can accomplish great things. 
  • The power of group support is undeniable. People don’t need celebrity status to have an impact. When people come together to support your content tilt, your message is amplified. 
  • The collective is more powerful than the individual. When people join forces with others who share the same values and goals, they become part of something much larger than themselves. They can find comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone and their efforts are supported by a larger group. Being seen and accepted as part of a collective fosters a sense of belonging and purpose that can be difficult to find on your own. 
  • Shared experiences create connections. When people recognize that they are part of something that resonates with them, it can bring a wealth of benefits – idea exchanges, issue discussions, and joint celebrations. Accomplishments become more significant, and progress is made.

Taking the time to make small, incremental steps is worth the effort, as the results become evident when members feel comfortable engaging and participating. This unified voice is then amplified beyond the group, allowing the community to become visible to a larger market. 

When people come together, they can create a powerful force of support, ideas, and motivation, says @MarkieMasters. #Community Click To Tweet

It is possible for a community to exist in its own space and have an impact on a larger scale. This uncharted territory opens up exciting possibilities for those who are passionate about creating a united front that can be seen by a much wider audience.

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