If you still need items for your gift list or to give another entrepreneur in your life, we have you covered. (If you’ve got everything wrapped up already, think about giving to yourself in the new year.)

A special thanks to The Tilt community members who responded to our request for help in the newsletter by sharing what they have enjoyed using and reading this year.

1. Go for Airtable

Peter Wright, author, speaker, and host of The Yakking Show, says he received an introduction to Airtable as a gift. 

“I find it wonderful as a database for applicants to be guests on our podcast, and its automation features make it easy to communicate with guests and update their and their episodes’ status,” he says.

The project management software can work well for all sorts of entrepreneurial ask. It’s paid subscriptions start at $20 a month. (But if no one gifts it to you, the free version provides a good starting point.)

2. Simplify your social media:

Mary Rose Maguire, entrepreneur, Star Maker Marketing, nominates Annie Schiffman’s new book, Simple Social Media: Build Your Brand With The PAGER Method and Have a Presence Without the Pressure. She says it’s fantastic and notes Joe Pulizzi (Tilt founder) and Robert Rose of This Old Marketing recommend it.

The book is designed to help small teams (yes, that definitely fits the description of a content entrepreneur) save time on social media marketing. It’s worth noting that Annie followed the self-publishing route for the book. (Disclosure: She used The Tilt’s parent company, Lulu Publishing.)

3. Boost your negotiation skills:

Joe Large of Living Large Every Day picks Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depends on It. “It’s a great short book that helps with interactions with prospects and clients,” he says.

The book is written by Chris Voss, once the FBI’s international kidnapping negotiator, who shares nine principles – counterintuitive tactics and strategies – to become more persuasive in your personal and professional life.

4. Take up speaking:

Though Bernie Borges, host of The Midlife Fulfilled Podcast, finds time for reading hard to come by, he finished The Referable Speaker by Andrew Davis and Michael Port. “Any content entrepreneur who speaks should read this book,” he says.

The book is a guide to building a sustainable speaking career – no fame required.

5. Address fatigue:

Cathy McPhillips, chief growth officer of the Marketing AI Institute, has been telling anyone who listens about Jenny Magic’s new book, Change Fatigue: Flip Teams From Burnout to Buy-In.

“While my current role isn’t dealing with team burnout or major issues, there are some really important learnings here for any team, big or small. It has helped me identify and appreciate how others work and how to work together for meaningful change within our organization,” Cathy says.

Two more gift ideas for content entrepreneurs:

Melinda Thomas of Melinda Thomas Creative says any or all of Austin Kleon’s books are great gifts for content entrepreneurs. His collection focuses on how to unlock your creativity.

Finally, we like this content entrepreneur gift advice from Regi Strauss of Midpractical Modern. “Anything that could be considered a business expense that could be written off is something I would avoid. Maybe that is just me and my midpractical mindset, but if I can claim it as a business expense, I don’t want to receive it as a gift,” she writes.

“That being said, most content entrepreneurs I know never seem to find the time to relax, so any kind of gift that forces them to focus on themselves is a good one.”

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