Entrepreneur: Georgi Todorov

Tilt: Helping people make money online

Scene: Thrivemyway (founder), LinkedIn (9K), Create & Grow (launching soon)

Snack Bites: 

  • Georgi grew his side hustle into a full-fledged content business, the Thrivemyway blog.
  • In eight months, the site had 100K monthly visitors, and within two years, it grew to 200K a month.
  • The entrepreneur diversified his revenue streams with sponsored content, display ads, and affiliate marketing.
  • In 2023 – two years after operating the site – he told it for six figures.
  • Georgi’s next endeavor, Create & Grow, will teach people how he did it.

Why We Stan: Georgi advocates for planning to sell your content business from day one – something we wholeheartedly think you should do, too. You operate your business differently and usually more successfully when you do.

The Story of Georgi Todorov

In August 2021, Georgi Todorov launched Thrivemyway, a blog designed to help entrepreneurs seeking online businesses. Two years later, he sold the site for six figures.

As Thrivemyway explains on its About page, Georgi, a freelancer, started a site called DigitalNovas.com in 2016. The digital marketing blog got some traffic, but more importantly, it taught Georgi lessons that would serve him well when he started Thrivemyway.

Thrivemyway’s mission is to be “a place dedicated to motivated individuals who want to reach success in their field. It is designed to help entrepreneurs with actionable advice, to inspire them, and to solve their little everyday problems. It also aims to teach bloggers how to make money online, to help with mindset, and to show useful software needed for online business.”

Growing an audience quickly

According to Silicon Canals, within eight months of launch, monthly traffic grew to 100K. The entrepreneur says it hit 200K a month in two years.

Georgi says entrepreneurs should plan for the sale of their content business from day one – something The Tilt founder Joe Pulizzi advocates, too.

Georgi wanted to sell the content business quickly after its inception but had to wait until he could show at least 12 months of revenue history, which was first monetized in June 2022. He diversified his revenue streams with display ads, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing.

Selling a content business

He used Flippa, an online marketplace for digital properties, to sell Thrivemyway. As detailed in the Flippa-sponsored Silicon Canals article, Georgi says Flippa valued Thrivemyway double what other brokers had quoted.

Georgi recently shared his advice in Entrepreneur about selling a digital business. The first step starts on day one. He writes, “From the beginning, it’s vital to view your blog as a potential asset for sale. Meticulous record-keeping, which in our case involved daily updates in Google Spreadsheets, ensured that we kept a transparent and detailed record of all financial transactions. This level of organization was not just about maintaining efficiency; it was about building confidence that we were operating a legitimate, well-documented business.”

He also advocates for entrepreneurs in the sales stage to be patient. “The process is often lengthy and requires a balanced approach … Staying productive and not letting the sale dominate my daily life was crucial.”

While the sale price was important, it wasn’t everything. As Georgi explained in Entrepreneur, he retained the creative rights to tell his story of Thrivemyway, including its sales. And that’s his next soon-to-be-launched content business – Create & Grow – where Georgi will share the tactics and lessons he learned building the blogging site he sold this year.

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