Picture this: You make every clip posted to TikTok appear as if it’s recorded in your personal karaoke lounge, closeups of you mouthing along to the music you love. Unexpectedly, one day after posting a video, notifications pour in as you gain an astronomical number of followers on the app.

In 2020, this was Bella Poarch’s reality. The third-most followed platform user (74.2M) catapulted into stardom shortly after lip-syncing the words to “M to the B” by Millie B, now has 50.2M likes. Though Bella’s charisma transfixes her followers, some may be astonished to learn she created the account and went viral within the year.

Bella rode the new found wave of fandom, signed with Warner Records, and became a bonafide singer, releasing her first single in May. In March of this year, the creator’s estimated net worth was $200K to $300K.

.@BellaPoarch turned her @TikTok channel into a personal karaoke lounge, attracting a huge fan base and the attention of music labels. #contententrepreneur Click To Tweet

Why We’re a Stan: Bella had the talent to make a living lip-syncing on TikTok and the popularity and talent to turn it into a musical contract. Social platforms like TikTok can be a great place to showcase your skills and build a fan base craved by most labels.

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