We’re a Stan for … Corissa Enneking

With a following of 218K on Instagram and over 76K YouTube subscribers, creator of the Fat Girl Flow blog Corissa Enneking clearly and effectively tailors her pieces for plus-size women online. Corissa started blogging about plus-size issues during her time in therapy. As she battled agoraphobia and an eating disorder, the Midwesterner turned Tumblr into her own personal journal, jotting down her feelings about her body and other plus-size issues, eventually transitioning to blogging on the FGF website in 2015.

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Today, the site runs the gamut of curvy girl topics such as activewear retailers, body measuring tips, and fat-shaming. Typically, her articles feature ads or affiliate commission links, garnering her up to $10,000 a month.  

Why we’re a Stan: Corissa first created to help herself. Now, she creates to have an impact on a community of women and become a content entrepreneur. She’s kept at it for a while, building an audience that attracts brands to pay for ads or give her affiliate links, to monetize her content and boost her revenue. Fat Girl Flow has a page dedicated to connecting with future advertisers.

About the author

Shameyka McCalman is a wordsmith whose work often centers around fashion, art, and other creatives of color. She earned her communications degree from the University of Massachusetts Boston and enjoys sifting through clothes in local vintage shops, frequenting nearby plays, and gazing at exhibitions on view in museums.