Remember Vine? Those six-second videos on the platform shut down by owner Twitter in 2016. Drew Gooden does. His Vine videos led to a content business in comedy. After moving to YouTube, his videos have garnered 426M views and this YouTube content creator has amassed over 3M subscribers.

Twitter killed Vine but not the comedy success of video creator @drewisgooden. He’s been smashing it on @YouTube since 2015. #contententrepreneur #creatoreconomy Click To Tweet

His take on Internet culture is not just funny, it’s great commentary. He illustrates that in his recent video I Bought Every Ad I Saw on Instagram for a Week. It’s earned over 3M views in a month. But Drew doesn’t just give his take on the modern media platforms. A week ago, he published, I Watched One Episode from Every Season of SNL, earning 2.7M views in one week)

Drew also is active on Twitter (704K) and Instagram (545K). His YouTube channel has paid sponsorship deals with brands like Hello Fresh and Squarespace. He also has official merch

Why we’re a Stan: We love Drew’s dedication to his craft. Some YouTube content creators mistakenly think they can just put up a camera and talk. Though that appears what Drew does, it’s also clear he invests a lot of time to tell the story just right.

.@TiltNews is a #Stan for @drewisgooden he does a lot of homework before he turns on the camera to talk internet culture on @YouTube. #contententrepreneur Click To Tweet

Just take the Instagram ad and SNL videos mentioned above. He does his homework, delivers an insightful yet humorous commentary, and edits it all into a professional yet approachable video.

This Insider mention of Drew also points out how well this YouTube content creator “manages to explain the intricacies of how big creators lose their relatability.” Yep, being true to who you are and who your audience knows really is what brings success.

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