Ben Chon left his highly lucrative and fast-paced investment banking analyst position at JPMorgan in San Francisco to become a caretaker for a family member in Korea. Now, he makes a living on his YouTube channel, Rareliquid, a YouTube-based content business. He teaches viewers what he knows best: how to find and thrive in a finance career, tech, and cryptocurrencies. 

Content creator Ben Chon created the successful @RareLiquid on YouTube after quitting his lucrative job at JPMorgan to care for a family member in Korea. #Stan #ContentEntrepreneur #CreatorEconomy Share on X

Though his 44K subscribers took a liking to his online content, Ben’s career endeavors supersede the platform, “I’m not actually viewing Rareliquid as a YouTube channel,” he tells Insider. “I have a lot of ideas for the different revenue streams and mini businesses within the whole business.” 

His efforts to expand his revenue streams paid off in July when Ben earned $19K. His primary sources included advertisers, brand sponsorships, course offerings, and resume advice

Why we’re a Stan: Ben’s content tilt is a subject he loves and knows well. He also recognizes a single revenue stream (i.e., advertising on YouTube) wasn’t the way to build a YouTube-based content business.

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