JaLisa Vaughn-Jefferson grew her online empire while working in IT. She quit her day job in 2017, eventually quadrupling her Instagram following all with the help of a content business team.

She focuses on sharing beauty, style hauls, and her husband and adorable newborn with her 295K Instagram followers and 50K YouTube subscribers. The YouTuber and Instagrammer is represented by Campbell Francis Group, a company that pitches her to prospective clients and hunts for new and fresh opportunities like the fashion brand Macy’s and the must-have children brand Pampers. Today, JaLisa’s content business team, a full-time assistant and project manager and contracted video editor and photographer, helps her manage partnerships and produce content. 

She’s benefited from having a dedicated group of creatives and management in her orbit. This year, JaLisa has earned more than $700K, booking more than 100 brand sponsorships and receiving some money from YouTube’s partner program and affiliate links.

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Why we’re a Stan: JaLisa recognized building a business isn’t necessarily best done solo. By hiring and contracting her content business team, she can focus on her priorities and bring in more brand opportunities that resonate with her audience.

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