Entrepreneur: Patricia Bright

Tilt: Beauty and fashion

Scene: YouTube (2.86M)

Snack Bite: Patricia’s video prowess led to her hosting an original YouTube series If I Could Tell You Just One Thing, featuring powerful women in a variety of industries.

Why We’re a Stan: Patricia juggled her financial and content creator careers until her YouTube audience grew to enable her to earn a living on the platform. 

The Story

South London native Patricia Bright grew up with Nigerian parents who expected her to go to law school or medical school. As a first-generation Nigerian-Brit, Patricia went down the path preferred by the adults around her – finance. 

While earning a university degree in the subject, though, she discovered her love of vlogging, beauty, and fashion on YouTube in 2009. “Social media wasn’t what it is today. It was this ‘new,’ underground space that allowed us to connect around the world. I had an online community of women that I could talk to, but I was also studying and working at the same time,” she told Forbes last year.

As her following grew, Patricia saw it as a way to make a full-time living and she left her full-time position as a business analyst. Over 10 years, Patricia has had the chance to do deals with brands like Dior, Amazon, Coca-Cola, and British Vogue where she showed off her must-have purse items. 

#YouTuber @PattyOLovesU waited to quit her full-time finance job until her @YouTube audience had grown to support a full-time #ContentBusiness. #Stan Click To Tweet

Last Fall, Patricia became the host of the YouTube Original show, If I Could Tell You Just One Thing, a compilation of interviews with powerful women in their respective industries. Produced by Hillary Clinton, Sam Branson, and Chelsea Clinton, the series helped solidify Patricia as one of the top content creators on the video platform. 

@PattyOLovesU expanded her content offerings by hosting a @YouTube original series If I Could Tell You Just One Thing that was co-produced by @HillaryClinton. #Stan #ContentEntrepreneur Click To Tweet

In 2020, Patricia earned $260K in video advertising alone.

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