Entrepreneur: Ayman Chaudhary

Biz: Ayman Books

Tilt: All things books

Scene: TikTok (948.8K), Instagram (155K), Amazon, Fable Book Club

Snack Bites: 

  • Ayman has been recognized as the No. 1 influencer for #BookTok.
  • Her business began after she found success in posting TikTok videos fitting the #BookTok trend.
  • Now, her full-time income, Ayman can influence the sales of a book. After she posted a video about V.E. Schwab’s The Invisible Life of Addie Rue, the book sold out at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and others.

Why We Stan: Ayman takes her role as reviewer and recommender seriously. She does her research on the book, author, etc., before she publishes a video on it.

The Story of Ayman Chaudhary

Ayman Chaudhary can change the outcome of a book’s sales.

The content entrepreneur was ranked the No. 1 influencer for #BookTok in a Pro Writing analysis reported by Tyler Morning Telegraph.

But her business all started out of boredom during the pandemic. The college student, who majors in graphic design, started posting #BookTok content in August 2020 for fun, and by November 2020, she had grown her audience.

“I’ve always loved reading, but I never thought I could monetize it and create content around it. I never thought it would be a full-time job or anything like that,” she tells Cambridge University’s Varsity.

Ayman has been named to TikTok’s API Visionary List and earned a spotlight on the platform for World Book Day.

Perhaps her biggest recommendation success is V.E. Schwab’s The Invisible Life of Addie Rue. “I made a video on that, and it went really viral, and the book sold out everywhere on all things like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, online,” she tells Varsi


Ayman says before her #BookTok business, she read one or two books a year. Now, she reads about 10 books a month.

“TikTok has become my full-time income,” she tells Tubefilter, noting she also has an internship at the book club app Fable and is considering working in graphic design after graduation.

Ayman uses TikTok’s For You page to inspire her content. If she sees a successful video that isn’t a #BookTook, she turns the idea into a bookish-related video.

She also takes her role as a recommender seriously. “I make sure to do enough research to know there’s nothing problematic in this book, nothing problematic about the author or anything like that, and it’s a book that my audience would like,” she explains to Tubefilter.

It also requires her to read differently. “When I read books, I annotate them and I write through them and everything, highlighters and tabs and stuff. As I’m reading books, at this point, I’m tabbing and highlighting stuff that I can make a TikTok out of,” she says.

In addition to her TikTok and Instagram accounts, Ayman has an Amazon marketplace for everything she mentions in her videos. She also works with SocialxTalent, an agency that manages inquiries to her business.

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