A lot of content entrepreneur advice and insights got shared at Creator Economy Expo last week. To help you use them in your content business, we share some of the best ideas, tips, and philosophies tweeted by attendees. These offer a glimpse of the takeaways from the keynote stage.

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Content entrepreneurship: The creator economy is built off entrepreneurs building and monetizing audiences by delivering amazing content experiences, says Joe Pulizzi, founder of The Tilt and Creator Economy Expo.

In sharing the newly released Content Entrepreneur Benchmark Research, he breaks down what a successful content entrepreneur does:

  • Monetize faster.
  • Plan budget and runway (length of time to profitability).
  • Focus on a niche audience.
  • Use one core platform.
  • Diversify your monetization streams.

Chris Ducker emphasizes the need to think like a business owner, not a content creator: “Every single time you create a piece of content and put it on the internet; you are creating a business asset.”

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Keeping in line with that thinking, Jay Acunzo shares your goal isn’t about reach – it’s about resonance.

Getting started: Jay Baer thought, “What if I just tried to teach people part of what I know?” And so, he created a tequila content business.

At The Tilt, we refer to these people as expert creators – building a content business based on your expertise or passion.

But being an expert doesn’t mean creating expert-level content. No question is too basic when you start out. As Jay explains, you don’t want to be so narrow in your message that you miss the people that you are trying to educate.

Put simply: Your ideal audience is the person you used to be, according to Jay. – Jay Baer

Connect and create: Comedian Mike Paramore twists the goal most of us would think a humor content creator would have. “As a comedian, you’re not trying to make people laugh. You’re trying to find the people who think you’re funny,” he says.

It’s a great lesson – you’re trying to find your audience, not trying to make an audience like your content. Jay Acunzo agrees, ‘This matters SO MUCH for storytellers of all kinds to embrace more fully.” 

Mike also has another nugget of wisdom for all creators: You never know what is going to hit, so you can’t worry about it.

You can’t worry about what content will work and you can’t worry about generative artificial intelligence tools. Instead, realize the difference between you and AI.

Ann Handley on the main stage of Creator Economy Expo 2023

Ann Handley gives a healthy perspective on the subject: “AI writing tools are the helper on your shoulder, not sitting at your keyboard.” 

She says you can use AI for good – connect ideas, draft, edit, summarize, brainstorm, gut-checking, and outlining. But you also must use your creative brain for good as you write. Among Ann’s tips:

  • Create metaphors as an insider wink.
  • Give your reader a speaking role.
  • Add a second sense
  • Think of your word choice, word choice = style.
  • Don’t let your writing feel like writing.

Among some of the other great tips tweeted by the Creator Economy Expo peeps:

AI writing tools are the helper on your shoulder, not sitting at your keyboard, says @AnnHandley. #CreatorExpo Share on X

On sponsorships

  • Start engaging with a brand weeks before you want to pitch.  – Dee Brissett
  • Potential sponsors only care about their goals. Ask them what they want! – Justin Moore
  • Being a big fish in a small pond gives you lots of room for negotiating. – Justin Moore

On operating a business

  • Success doesn’t rely on doing all the things all at once. Success lies in your ability to prioritize well. – Alexis Grant
  • When you can work anywhere at any time, it doesn’t mean you should work everywhere all the time. – Nora Dunn

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