Users of Eloqua’s marketing automation platform can now access ZoomInfo’s profiles of 65 million businesspeople and 6 million businesses from within Eloqua, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oracle. ZoomInfo announced two new “SparkPlugs,” provided by Sure Shot Media & Marketing.

The ZoomInfo Data Append SparkPlug automatically adds real-time data to information submitted by prospects via Eloqua web forms. The SparkPlug reduces form abandonment by allowing marketers to use much shorter forms, no longer requiring fields such as job title, company size, industry classification and other similar information. Instead, marketers can request fewer fields, such as name, email address and company name. When the prospect clicks the form’s “submit” button, the SparkPlug fills in all the other vital demographic information from ZoomInfo’s profiles.

The ZoomInfo Marketing Contacts SparkPlug lets marketers add new prospects to their Eloqua databases without time-consuming exports and imports and without duplicating existing contacts. They can search ZoomInfo to create granular, highly targeted segments and add the selected profiles directly to an Eloqua shared list or contact group.