Vu-Me, mobile video sharing app with a focus on live streaming, music, performances, and HD content, today announced the official launch of the Vu-Me mobile app on iOS and Android.

With featured categories in music, movies, fashion, sports, wellness & fitness, and food, Vu-Me is creating a new outlet for social influencers and content creators to share their entertaining video content. Since the release of Vu¯-Me¯’s private beta they have partnered with the entertainment program Daily Flash, global media company Studio71 and signed over 3,000 influencers to the platform.

Content creators receive revenue in several ways including views on content, sharing content, live pay-per-view events, native advertisements, SVOD, and live broadcasts, and in-app ecommerce. Unlike any other social or video platform online, Vu-Me gives audiences an opportunity to make money alongside influencers just by watching and sharing videos they love.

Vu-Me is revolutionizing digital video revenue sharing by offering an innovative pay-per-view model, giving creators the freedom to determine their own price for exclusive content while keeping a greater portion of earnings. Vu¯-Me¯ is available at a $7.99 monthly subscription after a 90-day free trial and enables content creators to live-stream and share photos, videos and 4K Ultra HD video across Wi-Fi and mobile networks with industry-first levels of low latency, giving audiences the richest experience regardless of device.

Vu-Me Pro users also have access to a rich analytics suite called Audience Insights. Pros monitor content engagement across channels, devices, and geographical locations as well as performance across other social network platforms where content is being shared. Ultimately, earnings for all digital media content created and shared is analyzed and reported, providing the benchmark for future content creation and distribution.

To date, Vu¯-Me¯ has raised $6M in seed funding from private investors in media, banking, and digital advertising.