Volley Media, a provider of event video capture and sharing technology, announced Volley, its patent-pending platform for curating and sharing video moments of any live or pre-recorded event broadcast. With Volley, audiences can capture, edit, curate, and distribute custom moments from brands’ high-quality, brand-compliant, HD AV broadcasts.

Because Volley captures and captions footage (called a Volley) both before and after the instant a user clicks the Volley button, audiences can relax and enjoy the show instead of worrying about catching that special moment or taking notes. What’s more, the simple user interface makes it easy to immediately edit, save, and share a Volley. And with Volley’s unique and scalable cloud architecture, there’s no file to save or send, just a link, which eliminates bandwidth or storage issues.

Any HD video broadcast can be Volley-enabled in less than 24 hours, making it easy for brands to share high-value video content with audiences who then share that content with their own extended networks. With Volley, audiences become curators and distributors, enabling them to grow their own social networks and brands to greatly extend the reach of their content. The robust analytics dashboards within Volley, called My Stats, helps brands and audiences track the performance and reach of their content.