The goal of technology is to make our everyday tasks easier and faster. We have witnessed how various technologies have transformed the publishing and education industry in past two decades. We have seen emergence of numerous products and services that have added to this development and Impelsys has been among the pioneers in bringing forth this change. While we believe that this has happened, we also think that what we have so far achieved is only the tip of the iceberg, that we have not yet fully leveraged technology in bringing the possible advancements in content and education industry. Also, with mushrooming of numerous products and services catering to niche aspects, there has been some disintegration in the entire industry.

After decades of working with publishers and education providers, building great products like iPublishCentral, we now embark on the next phase of revolution in the industry. Our idea is to unlock the true potential of technology, to achieve true optimization and bring down the inadequacies and conflicts created by a mess of technologies. Observing the evolution of ebooks in the past decade, we had foreseen the diffusion of reading and learning. eBooks have evolved from being plain text based products to learning resources replete with interactivity and ancillaries. We fed to this development with our Read-to-Learn line of products built on iPublishCentral technology. Also, our platforms are built to support adaptive learning and semantic experience whereas our production technology brought efficiencies into publishing.

Our goal is to streamline the production and delivery processes to bring efficiency in the industry, we want publishers and education providers to focus on their core business and not focus their time and resources in managing, updating and fixing the tools they use. With this vision we build the most comprehensive and highly scalable, customizable tools for our partners. With our microservices based architecture we now give them a choice to pick what they need and not more or less. We noticed that scholarly publishers create resources in multiple formats and have to use multiple tools to deliver them, for them we built iPublishCentral Scholar, a platform which works for ebooks, journals, videos, courses, MOCs and more. Our elearning platform iPublishCentral Learn is a comprehensive yet customizable product suited for variety of unique elearning requirements.

Our determination is strong and is fuelled by the allegiance the industry has with us. Our partners believe in us and our ideas, this gives more energy and we work harder. It feels great to be recognized as a Top 100 Company in Digital Content by eContent Magazine for the fifth year in a row. Hence we strive further and we grow every step we take, forging our conviction stronger as we become an intrinsic part of the very important developments that take place in content and learning industry.


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