Name With The Face
Rebecca Bowden

Job Title
Ingest Team Leader

XOS Digital


Job Function
As ingest team leader at XOS Digital, a provider of digital technology and media management solutions to collegiate and professional sports organizations in the U.S., Rebecca (Becca) Bowden manages the work of technicians and interns performing digitization and archiving tasks for thousands of digital college sports assets each week. Bowden says, “The assets range from live encoder, audio, and satellite feeds to tapes, film, and photos.” Once the media is received, Bowden makes sure it is properly organized and transferred into the XOS Central Vault. “From there, they can be purposed for broadcast television, historical archives, web and mobile content, and digital signage,” Bowden says.

Bowden takes the lead in creating new tags to improve searchability within the XOS Vault. “I work alongside our production and content licensing teams to develop the final digital product for our web team and partners so they can access, manage, edit, publish, and distribute online,” Bowden says. She also oversees game-day activities for the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Digital Network, making sure all live games are properly streamed for use on SEC-affiliated platforms. “I work closely with partner conferences like the Big East and Pac-10 to manage their content in the XOS Vault.”

In a Day’s Work
Bowden divides her weekdays into two types: business days and game days. “Business days are focused on keeping the digitization and meta-tagging process running smoothly,” Bowden says. “But game days are the furthest from a typical 9-to-5 day. They last 16 to 18 hours, and I’m focused on speed, accuracy, and teamwork. When we are receiving feeds from broadcast trucks and satellites during the games, we have one chance to get the feed right.”

Most Memorable Customer Encounter
“A partner school sent me a box of team hats and a card to thank me for all the help that the XOS team provides during football seasons.”

View From the Desk
“My desk is in the corner of a room with ceiling-high windows. When I look up from my computer screen, I can see the Florida sun shining through palm trees, and it’s very peaceful.”

Outside Interest
“I enjoy relaxing at the beach, visiting Orlando theme parks, and spending time with my family.”

If Not Econtent, Then What?
“I love college football and photography, so I would travel with my favorite team, the Texas Longhorns, capturing all of their game action.”