LiveNote, Inc. unveiled its new technology for streaming live deposition media to any remote participant with a broadband Internet connection. LiveNote Stream is an application for broadcasting video, voice, transcript text, and instant messages among legal teams. LiveNote Stream enables all authorized parties to follow litigation events from any location.

Offered in partnership with Courtroom Connect, LiveNote Stream is available for use with any deposition, conference, or court proceeding worldwide. Litigation teams request LiveNote Stream when they schedule depositions with their court reporting agency or they may contact LiveNote directly at 1.800 LIVENOTE. LiveNote Stream enables on-site attorneys to receive input from both on-site and remote attendees–experts, paralegals, second chair attorneys–and modify their line of questioning. Participants require a broadband Internet connection and Microsoft Internet Explorer to attend, although additional features and benefits are available to users of other LiveNote technologies. LiveNote SR desktop software users are able to mark and annotate the realtime transcript text as it is received. After the conclusion of the broadcast, the transcript and synchronized video can be uploaded to RealLegal iBinder for on-demand Web access, or imported into LiveNote SR or RealLegal Binder for further review and summarizing. RealLegal iBinder and RealLegal Binder are LiveNote brands.

LiveNote and Courtroom Connect staff members configure the broadcast before the start of the deposition and provide technical support during the event. LiveNote Stream is an Engate Compliant service and requires no realtime tokens.