Name With the Face: Kevin Indig

Job Title: SEO Consultant

Organization: Searchmetrics


Job Function

Searchmetrics is an enterprise SEO and content marketing firm, and Kevin Indig’s role as an SEO consultant is to help clients overcome challenges and make SEO generate revenue. “I might help them find and fix a manual Google backlink penalty or identify growth opportunities by giving them lots of high-potential keywords and topics to target,” Indig says. He dives deep into technical issues, marketing processes, and strategies to help clients optimize their websites. “I also provide blog posts, speak at conferences, and conduct webinars on how SEO is evolving,” he says.

In a Day’s Work

“Because SEO is a dynamic, fast-paced industry, none of my days are the same, but a typical day includes answering emails, plus meetings, calls, and consulting at client sites,” Indig says. He also spends a fair amount of time on analysis and strategy, as well as creating decks to deliver recommendations on how clients can improve SEO within their organizations.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

“Recently, we solved two different Google penalties for two different clients: One was an algorithmic Panda penalty; the other [was] a manual backlink penalty. My team and I invested a ton of time into filtering and digging through millions of datasets to fix the issues these clients were facing. Then, one morning, we woke up, and the traffic had increased again (meaning Google lifted the penalties). It’s moments like these you realize all your hard work has paid off!”

View From the Desk

“We work in an open space at a standing desk, which I find helps me to be more productive during the day. I stand at a window that provides a view of a small plaza with a fountain.”

Outside Interest

“I’m very involved in CrossFit-and no, I don’t talk about it all the time. My employer provides me the chance to pursue my passion competitively, which means most days, I can train twice a day. I love CrossFit because it gives me instant gratification when overcoming challenges, enduring hardships, and staying disciplined, which carries over  into all areas of my life.”

If Not Econtent, Then What?

“I’d probably be an entrepreneur, maybe in the fitness world. I strive to be the best version of myself every day, and fitness has helped me a lot with that. I’d probably use econtent-related strategies to reach my clients!”