Hummingbird Ltd., a provider of integrated enterprise content management (ECM) and network connectivity solutions, has unveiled Exceed onDemand 6 with an X11 remote access application solution for Linux desktops. A provider of X Window technologies, Hummingbird has built the new version of Exceed onDemand to allow Windows and Linux users to access X11 applications and data across any type of network connection.

A component of the Hummingbird Connectivity family of products, Exceed onDemand is a multi-tiered X server. While sharing the same roots as Hummingbird Exceed, the PC X server from Hummingbird, Exceed onDemand 6 delivers performances for X11 application display over LAN and WAN as a result of Hummingbird’s Thin X Protocol on Windows and Linux desktops. Exceed onDemand also provides security and productivity gains for remote application displays including: authentication with simplified firewall traversal and end-to-end communication encryption over SSL and Secure Shell; the ability to suspend and resume sessions, and automatic session recovery in case of communication failure; shared sessions designed to facilitate collaborative work; and central administration. Exceed onDemand 6 will ship in Q1 2007.

Hummingbird has also announced the immediate availability of Hummingbird Connectivity 2007, a suite of technologies designed to help organizations integrate heterogeneous legacy infrastructures, such as UNIX or Mainframe, with Windows desktops. Hummingbird Connectivity includes Exceed, NFS Maestro, HostExplorer, and Hummingbird Security product families and supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. Additionally, all products in the suite support Windows Terminal Server Edition and Citrix Presentation Server. Features of the suite, include: support for X11 standard; an Event Monitoring Server, designed to help administrators gather information about their Connectivity infrastructure; Delegation and SECINFO Support, where NFS Maestro supports advanced NFSv4 features such as Delegation, aggressive client caching allows the NFS server to delegate particular operations to NFS clients and reduce over-the-wire network traffic; and SECINFO, a mechanism that allows an NFS client to discover what security flavor is required in order to connect to a shared file system on a remote NFS server; a Central Repository with Multiple Profile Space, which allows organizations to set up one or multiple central repositories to store Exceed and HostExplorer connection settings including local drives, remote file systems, or LDAP directories. User access rights are enforced through integration with Microsoft Windows ACLs or LDAP ACLs; and Xinerama and X Video Support, an extension that allows X applications and window managers to recognize multiple physical monitors and adjust the behavior of the application accordingly; and X Video, an extension that utilizes hardware capacities to speed up video playback.

Security enhancements, include: X.509 Certificate Authentication for SSH, where the Connectivity Secure Shell offers support for the draft RFC of the SSH public key authentication based on a user X.509 certificate; Integrated SOCKS Support, SOCKS is a networking proxy protocol that enables hosts on one side of a SOCKS server to gain full access to hosts on the other side of the SOCKS server without requiring direct IP-reachability. Often used as a network firewall, this feature allows users to configure sessions to use a SOCKS server; LIPKEY Support, where NFS Maestro 2007 introduces support for Low Infrastructure Public Key (LIPKEY) as an alternative GSS provider for RPCSEC_GSS authentication. Hummingbird Connectivity 2007 is available immediately.

The company has also announced the global availability of RedDot LiveServer 3.0, the latest release of its Content Delivery and Web Application Integration software from RedDot Solutions, a Hummingbird company. RedDot LiveServer delivers personalization, contextual delivery, extended search, and application integration to help organizations deliver content in context. RedDot LiveServer 3.0 features: integrated web analytics, provided with Hummingbird BI Query technology, to allow organizations to understand how the content of their site is being used to update their website and online campaigns based on that knowledge; reports with analytic options, which give marketers information on content and campaign performance to optimize site performance; extended integration options to access existing documents from other document management systems. LiveServer’s ‘Content Integrator’ module provides check-in/check-out and write access to all document repositories to allow users to create, change, and delete information, as well as read documents; and an improved search engine functionality for complex and personalized search queries enabling capabilities such as faceted searching.