Collab, a digital talent network and entertainment studio, announced the launch of a new division, CollabDRM, to help a wide range of content owners protect and maximize the value of their content through rights management and syndication. CollabDRM has created rights management tools to help individual content creators and owners of large content libraries identify their IP and efficiently monetize any unauthorized use. The company has created proprietary software that is proven to be very successful in identifying creators’ IP beyond YouTube’s Content ID system. The system is customizable, allowing users to control how content is viewed and monetized. CollabDRM works with content owners to create their own policies and their dedicated team actively enforces the policies in place.

CollabDRM also says it maximizes content owners’ libraries by syndicating videos across its portfolio of compilation channels that receive over 500 million views per month. The syndication process provides content owners with access to millions of new viewers and ultimately more monthly revenue.

The company employs a dedicated professional service team equipped with the proprietary claiming system, accounting technology, and client-facing content dashboard which includes a snapshot of monthly videos claimed and overall revenue recouped.  Collab’s proprietary accounting software enables an unlimited amount of rights holders to be paid out for compilations in addition to other types of videos.

Collab is also consulting with brands, to create monetization strategies and new revenue streams. Collab’s library features some of the most popular viral content on YouTube, servicing brands, and agencies with advertiser-safe content for campaigns and commercial use.