Cloudinary, the media management platform for many brands, unveiled major enhancements to its video management solution, including new AI capabilities to accelerate the entire video workflow process and help companies improve customer experience and engagement. Cloudinary’s modern approach to video management eliminates traditional limitations and pain-points, enabling brands to enhance and deliver dynamic video experiences quickly and cost-effectively at scale, no matter where their content is viewed. Interested users can learn more about the dynamic video platform here, view interactive demos or request a personalized demo

Nearly 90% of consumers rely on videos to help make their purchasing decisions, and landing pages with video see higher conversion rates of 80% or more. Video has long been a favorite of marketers for its storytelling power and effectiveness, but traditional video platforms weren’t built to support the volume and scale of today’s digital experience needs.

Cloudinary’s new video capabilities allow users to:

  • Automate for format and quality at scale. Cloudinary eliminates the time-consuming work traditionally required to select the right codecs, formats, and quality. This allows any user – marketer or developer – to more easily deliver each video optimally for any browser, device, and location.
  • Optimize video content for mobile and social. Deep learning capabilities dynamically re-frame landscape mode videos to any aspect ratio requested on-the-fly with intelligent content-aware cropping to automatically focus on the most engaging story in the frame.
  • Add video to product pages in minutes. By utilizing a single media platform, Cloudinary users can seamlessly create engaging product pages that include both video and images without the hassle that comes from working across two or more disparate systems.
  • Simplify search, improve team workflows and optimize storage. AI-based auto-tagging, structured metadata, and advanced search capabilities let users more easily manage, store and search video libraries. Streamlined media workflows help ensure that all asset stakeholders are in sync. By creating a single source of truth, Cloudinary helps users manage a single video asset, no matter how many derived assets they create, which greatly streamlines storage management and discoverability.
  • Effortlessly manage user-generated content. Cloudinary simplifies the process of moderating, optimizing and delivering many thousands of user-generated videos at scale by automating functions like cropping, resizing, branding, overlays, quality and more.