We cover many companies throughout the year, and not all of them make it to the EContent 100 list. But that doesn’t make what they’re doing any less interesting—or important. That’s why, each year, we like to spotlight a few companies that we think are doing the kind of work that makes the industry sit up and take notice. We’ll be keeping an eye on them during the next year, and you should too.


Productivity—it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, especially in the C-suite. There’s an endless stream of apps to help you wrangle your daily to-do list. Brief promises to help you do it all in one app. This includes Zoom videoconferences, team hubs, file-sharing (even large files), and chat. Brief combines your must-have collaboration features in one place, and it’s doing it with Apple’s seal of approval, having been named an App We Love in 2018 and 2019.


If there was ever an industry that seemed immune to the charms of AI, it’s Broadway—the Great White Way. What do algorithms know about song and dance numbers? But Broadw.ai has found a way to bring bots to Broadway. The company provides an automated ticketing agent that also helps guests plan their experience by answering questions. According to its site, “Our platform only gets smarter. Our AI/ML abilities continuously evolve with each conversation and question asked, allowing you to generate and mine your conversational data.”


User-generated content is, for many companies, marketing gold. But the quality can vary, and you need the right tools to create decent content. Lama wants to help. Simply put, “We provide an easy-to-use tool for your users to create their own video interviews!” People looking to be interviewed by a professional journalist simply sign up, and then the reporter puts together a list of questions. In the B2B version of the product, you can create video interviews for your community or have LAMA’s team of journalists craft unique interview questions for each of your users.


Your audience wants video, and you’ve mastered the art of creating it—but are you using it to its best potential? If you’re not seeing enough ROI on the time and money you’re putting into creating video, Minute can help. It can help you craft smart teasers for your content (fully automated, of course), automatically aggregate top-performing video articles to help create new revenue and sponsorship opportunities, and reuse existing video assets across all platforms.