From an early age, Twitcher Nick Kolcheff (aka Nickmercs) has always had a soft spot for gaming. He spent his teen years enthralled in countless games of ​​Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Gears of War. After he finished high school, parental pressure forced the young adult to enter a community college and find ways to play video games during his spare time. 

A helpful tip from a friend, Nick, better known as Nickmercs, began streaming his gaming sessions to earn subscribers and donations. After seeing a steady rise in supporters, the Michigan native placed all his attention on content creation

A friend suggested @NICKMERCS stream his gaming sessions. Today, he has 6.2M subscribers on @Twitch. #gaming #contententrepreneur #creatoreconomy Click To Tweet

Today, Nick plays Fortnight, Apex, and Call of Duty: Warzone for his 6.2M subscribers. And this April, Nickmercs made $1.7M, coming in first place on a Dot ESports high-earning gamers list. 

Why we’re a Stan: Twitcher Nick realized his passion for gaming could become content that an audience would pay to watch.

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