Call of Duty fans would be remiss not to watch Twitcher Timothy Betar’s livestreaming sessions. Known by his handle TimTheTatman, the content entrepreneur began in 2012 hunting enemies in single-person shooter games for fans around his work schedule. The double duty meant he worked 70 hours a week.

Though Tim made little to no income at first, he was able to leave his full-time job after three years of nonstop gaming. Adding snippets of commentary and investing all his efforts into his new career were key to earning the now 31-year-old thousands of views and subscribers.

.@TimtheTatman livestreamed Call of Duty for 3 years before the content entrepreneur could quit his full-time job. Now, he’s earning over $1M. #creatoreconomy #contentbusiness Click To Tweet

Continuing to play countless rounds of Call of Duty: Warzone for his 6.8M subscribers allowed him to top GQ’s list of 10 highest-ranking Twitchers, placing fifth for earning $1.21M.

Why we’re a Stan: It takes time before your content creations turn into a successful content business. As he grew his subscriber base, Timothy gamed around his 9-5 life. But he didn’t stop there. He also dedicated time to improving his craft and commentary to help him achieve his goals.

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