Charles Mallet became a sensational TikToker after uploading videos of choreographed dance routines, baking delicious recipes, and taking in all life has to offer with his loved ones. 

He made his first TikTok video in 2019 with the help of his granddaughter Basia Mallet, who became his unofficial personal social media manager. Over time she saw her grandfather light up when she posted videos to his page. 

They used social media to grow closer as a family. She tells ABC7, “I see him smiling. I see him dancing. I see him cooking things that he used to do before he got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,” Basia says. “And honestly, I feel like I’ve discovered something new for him to do and just for him to get better.”

Charles, whose content has been reshared by the pages of megastars Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, also uses the platform to educate his 4.7M followers on what it’s like to live with Alzheimer’s, a condition the 85-year-old was diagnosed with years ago. 

85-year-old TikToker @charlesmallet22 has built an audience of 4.7M, by dancing, cooking, and showing what life's like living with Alzheimer's with his granddaughter's help. #Stan #ContentEntrepeneur Click To Tweet

As Basia explains: “I really want people to know that people that are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, they’re not just people that just sit there and don’t really do anything. They can be active and engaged with you. It just depends on how you engage with them, and social media is the way that I engage with my grandfather who has Alzheimer’s.”

Charles’ TikTok has attracted sponsorship deals with Crayola, Bubble, and other brands. 

Why we’re a Stan: The grandfather and grandaughter duo worked together to create content close to their hearts that touches the hearts of millions of others.

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