Workout routines, wellness tips, and the ins and outs of pregnancy are running themes throughout the website Diary of a Fitness Mommy. Its creator and star Sia Cooper grew an online following as she chronicled her weight-loss journey. She was inspired to develop a fit physique after viewing Food Inc., a documentary on Netflix. Once uploading photos of her gradually shedding almost 50 pounds, the former nurse stumbled upon her new found love of blogging about health and personal training. 

The Mississippi native posted a behind-the-scenes look into how she makes a living with her content business. How to Turn Your Blog Into a Business notes she earns over $15K a month from selling ebooks, sponsorship deals, and Google AdSense. That doesn’t even include revenue from merch and her 12-week workout and meal plans ($49 to $79 each).

Sia Cooper posted a behind-the-scenes look at her @DiaryofFitMommy #contentbusiness that earns over $15K a month. #contententrepreneur #creatoreconomy Click To Tweet

Why we’re a Stan: Knowing your audience is crucial to your brand identity. Sia made her content tilt something that she would want to know or do, so she targets women like her who want to incorporate fitness and health into their daily routines.

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