MARCH 24, 2023

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5 things to do

Speaking to audiences – in person or virtually – can power up your content brand. It’s a great marketing tool, and it can become a valuable revenue stream.

Jam Gamble understands its power – and why many shy away from opportunities that could make all the difference in their business. Seven years ago, she launched her coaching business and became #SlayeroftheMic.

1. Get comfortable with your voice: “You have to be human. That is the criteria. You have to be a human with a voice who believes in what they have to say. That’s all you need,” Jam says.

That means stop being concerned about stumbling over your words, saying “ah” and “um” too many times, or worrying you haven’t seen other people like you do it.

2. View your public speaking as a journey: Just start. “It comes down to trusting yourself, believing in what you’re putting out there, and just feeling it and listening to your gut,” Jam says.

“When I look back on my journey as a speaker, the first vlog out there, the first episode of my TV show, that is not who I am right now. I don’t sound like that right now. It’s a journey,” she says.

3. Give feedback: While many people may give advice, Jam says the most important feedback comes from within as long as you do it constructively. Focus on what you liked best about your performance. For example, maybe your eye contact was on point or your introduction was great.

Jam counsels her students to write down 10 things – five that you like about your voice and five areas you need to improve.

4. Be prepared: Understand your audience and your intention for each speaking engagement.

“When you know who your audience is, that’s going to help you determine how you’re going to sound, the examples you’re going to share, the stories you’re going to share,” Jam says.

Your intention (i.e., sell, motivate, encourage, educate) will inform the beginning, middle, and end of your speaking. “It doesn’t have to have this perfect linear flow to it,” Jam says. “But when you know who you’re talking to, you know what your intention is, and then you trust yourself, you’re going to make magic happen.”

5. Set and share your goal: Set your speaking goal for the year, such as being the host of a new YouTube channel or going to a big-name event and standing on stage. Then, say your goal out loud and tell people what you want to achieve.

“The more you say things out loud, you [won’t be] thinking that this is some grandiose impossible idea,” Jam says. “You’re going to start believing that there is a really good chance that it could happen.”


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5 things from the tilt

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5 things to know

  • Split works: Twitch is still good with changing its subscription revenue split from 70-30 to 50-50 for streamers earning over $100K. Using its larger share to pay for products, such as its ad incentive program – creators can opt in or out at any time – is working. More streamers are participating in that than expected. (The Verge)
    Tilt Take: Multiple revenue streams – even within the same platform – can be a bonus for creators.
  • Bye, bye: Meta is ending its less-than-year-old NFT effort, which included letting creators mint and sell them on Instagram. They say they’re shifting to monetization opps for Reels and messaging payments across Meta. (engadget)
    Tilt Take: Can you live in the Metaverse without NFTs?
  • Trending search: Google added a ranking section to its Search Status dashboard. Look at active and historic algorithm updates to see what changed with Google Search related to ranking in addition to crawling, indexing, or serving. (Search Engine Land)
    Tilt Take: Potentially helpful information to improve your search engine optimization game.
Tech and Tools
  • Hate algorithms: Sprinklr’s independent analysis of hate speech on Twitter found the reach is less than Twitter’s model quantified. (Twitter)
    Tilt Take: The new analysis doesn’t absolve Twitter, but the thread is an interesting read to learn how the analysis was created.
And Finally
  • Child’s play: Parents who make their children part of their public-facing content business don’t have to follow any rules to protect the earnings of their kids. Under California’s Coogan Law, child actors must have 15% of their earnings set aside in a trust, but no such protection exists for child influencers. (Teen Vogue; h/t WireDisability)
    Tilt Take: Fascinating reporting from Teen Vogue about the lack of voice (and earnings) children have in living their lives on the internet, especially when it’s the family business.

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