The Tilt welcomes original guest submissions that will interest, inform, and/or intrigue readers of the twice-a-week newsletter. Here are our guest blog guidelines. (Read further for Helpful Information About The Tilt to help in your article development.)

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How do I submit an article?

Please complete this form. (Articles must original from the author and have not been published on other sites.)

Do you accept pitches?

Not really. We prefer completed articles. We’ve found pitches often aren’t sufficiently detailed for us to assess the article’s potential. But if you’re willing to take the chance, we review pitches biweekly. Just complete the form above.

How long should the article be?

While we do not have a required number of words, an article sufficiently detailed and sourced for The Tilt audience usually is at least 1K words.

What happens after submission?

The Tilt team reviews all submissions every two weeks. If you follow the above guidelines, you will be notified if your article is accepted (or not) within three weeks of submission. We are looking for articles that will work for The Tilt community (not sure of who that is, read Helpful Things To Know About the Tilt) and peruse past articles.

What are the benefits of having a guest article accepted?

Your article will be published on You can write a bio that will appear at the end of the article.

The article also will be briefed or noted in an edition of The Tilt newsletter for subscribers interested in content entrepreneurship.

Anything else to know?

  • Cite all your sources.
  • Disclose any relationship/partnership you have with links or sources in the article.
  • Avoid self-promotion. (We don’t include affiliate links in Tilt content.)

Helpful Things To Know About The Tilt

Who is the audience? 

The Tilt is for serious content creators. We help content creators grow full-time, independent media businesses that don’t rely on social media platforms.

What topics does The Tilt tackle?

We focus on timely and relevant content to help content entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses, from audience development to revenue generation. (We spend a minimal amount of editorial talking about creating content, so articles on how to create or improve content are unlikely to be accepted.)

We also love stories of content entrepreneurs – how they got started, what they learned along the way, and how they would advise newcomers. We’re not big fans of telling stories about influencers.

What is a content entrepreneur? 

Content entrepreneurs develop, grow, and monetize audiences through content products such as newsletters, podcasts, courses, communities, and Web3/token projects. They decide who their audience is, what they create, where and when they publish, etc. They want to grow the business to have multiple streams, so they don’t need to rely on a third-party platform (like YouTube ads, TikTok Creator Fund, etc.)

Here’s an article from founder Joe Pulizzi that defines a content entrepreneur.

Are content creators who get paid considered content entrepreneurs?

No. A paid content creator develops content for clients who pay them. The client picks the topics, the format, distribution channel, etc. Freelance writers, for example, often fall into this category. They are not building their own audiences but being paid to help brands build their audiences.

Here’s an article where we explain the difference.

Got more questions about our blog guidelines? 

Email Ann Gynn, managing editor: