JULY 19, 2022

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Why Every Content Entrepreneur Needs a Pam

Since we started The Tilt, I have learned these unique beings known as content entrepreneurs are really good at the big picture stuff. As a completely random (ahem) example, a creator might say, “Oh, a social token, how cool, let’s start one.” Or again, randomly, one might say, “Let’s do an event!”

But they are less likely to be really good at a lot of the other stuff that goes into a content business. That’s why I think every creator needs a Pam. Yes, I’m Pam (waving). I work, live, and have kids with The Tilt founder and content entrepreneur Joe Pulizzi. I sincerely love working with Joe. We have great balance in our skillsets as well as keeping work and the rest of life separate. What Joe has in seeing the futures of industries, I have in organization and execution. A great team.

In The Tilt’s 2022 Content Entrepreneur Benchmark Research, the average time before someone hires full-time help is 25 months. I encourage you to bring in a Pam sooner so you can build the business more quickly.

We had some kick-butt content entrepreneurs speak at the inaugural Creator Economy Expo in May. They exceeded expectations on stage. But they weren’t about getting their photo and bio to me or signing their speaker agreement. And just try getting them to turn in their presentation before the event. Heck, even getting a reply to an email was a challenge. Content entrepreneurs are busy. I get it.

According to our recent research, they spend half their time creating content. They are all over social media. I really get it. Time is precious. But time is also money.

Many content entrepreneurs are losing money because they don’t have a Pam. Who is Pam? It could be a virtual assistant, a calendar-scheduling tool, or maybe an editor. Perhaps it’s a combination of several things. It should depend on the content entrepreneur’s strengths (and weaknesses.) I promise you it will be worth the investment. It will pay for itself in no time.

How do I know? Many of the content entrepreneurs who spoke at the Creator Economy Expo still haven’t sent invoices to be reimbursed for their travel expenses. They haven’t collected hundreds of dollars owed to them. A Pam would not let this happen.

Pams can act as your gatekeeper. They can do the research to see if that request to speak at an event is beneficial to your business. They read the fine print. They could identify problematic proposal terms and rule out the deals that will never have to cross your virtual desk.

Pams help you hit deadlines, help you be prepared for meetings, help you execute ideas that you shouldn’t spend your time, etc. The possibilities are limitless.

– Pam Pulizzi

Get the full story, including how Pam’s days go with Joe and must-read example conversations.

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we stan Alexis Nikole Nelson

Entrepreneur: Alexis Nikole Nelson

Business: Black Forager

Tilt: Making foraging accessible to all

Scene: TikTok (3.8M), Instagram (1M)

Snack Bites:

  • As the Black Forager, Alexis educates her audience on sustainable ways to include wild plants in their diets.
  • She incorporates a historical perspective, too, to provide proper context around foraging’s connection to the Black and North American indigenous communities.
  • Alexis has attracted media attention from Bon Appétit, NPR, In The Know, and Columbus Monthly.
  • She has a cookbook deal and has done commercials with Martha Stewart.

Why We Stan: Alexis launched her TikTok to help her learn the app for her day job. Her trendy content didn’t work, so she started sharing her passion for foraging. A video about how to eat acorns attracted a big audience. She had found her content tilt.

– Janie Eyerman

Read more to see how to eat acorns and learn more about the Black Forager.

things to know

  • Happy investment: Trends, a Florida-based company, raised $3M from investors, including Pharrell Williams’ Black Ambition, to build out the creator side of its platform. (Hollywood Reporter)
    Tilt Take: New investments like this indicate helping creators on the business side of the creator economy still has big growth potential.
  • Rewarding audiences: Content creators will have a new option to “transform their subscribers from passive non-donors into proactive marketing agents” with the launch of Spiffy. Using the platform, creators can reward subscribers with commissions when they influence others to contribute financially and make referrals. (Digital Journal)
    Tilt Take: Using incentive tools is a great way to both appreciate your audience and grow your content business.
  • Gen Z drops Google: More Gen Zers are turning to their social media search bars to discover answers than Google’s. (tubefilter)
    Tilt Take: Audience behavior changes – always pay attention to what the data is telling you.
  • Retain them: Rolling Stone’s UK digital director says publishers (yes, that’s you) can retain audiences by leveraging their archives, doing audience research, optimizing content recommendations, and developing a strong tech stack that surfaces content audiences will engage with. (What’s New in Publishing)
    Tilt Take: The power of content curation cannot be overstated.
Tech and Tools
  • Google rocks: Google’s Ad Creator Studio has opened to all for free. It lets you customize hundreds of versions of single display or video ads based on the audience, location, language, or another context. (Google)
    Tilt Take: The price is right, and you also can use this studio as a central repository for ads you want to use outside of Google, too.
  • Hook ’em: Watch Games TV says the opening line of your social media caption should engage the reader. Then, tell the rest of the story. Don’t forget to add emojis, which they say are “like magic without pixie dust.” (Deccan Herald)
    Tilt Take: Take time to write your captions so they attract viewers and help you achieve your goals, too.
And Finally
  • UGC business: It seems more brands are putting their social media budget into user-generated content rather than big-time influencers. (Fast Company)
    Tilt Take: Um, we think UGC isn’t the right word choice. In most cases, they aren’t users. They are content creators with smaller audiences.
  • Metaverse shifts: In the metaverse, people don’t want to consume content. They want gamified, contextual experiences. They want to carry their digital persona across the metaverse and real world. And they want skin in the game where they invest their time. (Harvard Business Review)
    Tilt Take: Web3 is a world where people see no boundaries between their personal and professional lives or their digital and real-world activities.

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