Stellent, Inc., a global provider of content management solutions, has announced that it has acquired SealedMedia Limited, a provider of enterprise digital rights management solutions, and Bitform, a provider of content cleansing technologies. Stellent acquired SealedMedia for $10 million in cash and contingent consideration of up to $5 million based upon the achievement of certain financial objectives. Stellent acquired Bitform for $1.2 million in cash and contingent consideration of up to $1.3 million based upon the achievement of certain financial objectives.

Stellent plans to integrate SealedMedia’s DRM functionality into the Stellent Universal Content Management product suite, ensuring content managed by the system remains secure even when it is distributed and shared outside of the enterprise. All access rights for this digital information will be managed, audited and reported on from a central system.

This functionality also will be integrated into Stellent Universal Records Management, the company’s new enterprise records and retention management product suite. The SealedMedia technology will allow records and retention rules to move with the content, wherever it goes. In addition, the Stellent Sarbanes-Oxley Solution will leverage SealedMedia technology. The integration is designed to enable the Sarbanes-Oxley Solution to more effectively enforce content security policies associated with regulatory compliance. Stellent also will continue to market SealedMedia’s products on a standalone basis, including the core enterprise DRM technology as well as the packaged solutions SealedMedia Express for Board Communications and SealedMedia Express for Mergers and Acquisitions. Approximately 30 SealedMedia employees will join Stellent, including Dr. Martin Lambert, the company’s founder and CTO, who will assume the role of CTO for the SealedMedia division of Stellent.

Stellent’s OEM customers can integrate Bitform Secure SDK into their software applications. The underlying content filtering technology provided by Secure SDK also will enable Stellent to build additional content filtering products. In addition, by integrating Bitform’s technology within its ECM products, Stellent will provide customers with the capability to automatically or manually ensure final, published documents are clean and accurate. Bitform Secure SDK’s support for automated, policy-driven document analysis and cleansing is designed to enhance Stellent’s records management and compliance applications. Bitform Secure SDK will become part of Stellent’s Outside In family of products under the new name Outside In Clean Content SDK and is available immediately through Stellent’s existing OEM channel.