Successful social media marketing requires a lot of time and effort, unlike what many business owners and social media managers first assume, and if you are like most people, your workload leaves you with no room for social media marketing tasks.

How do you overcome this hurdle?

Instead of banking your social media marketing on an impending budget raise, or working crazy hours, or trying to manage all social media marketing tasks by yourself, you could use social media tools to improve your efficiency and boost your results.

Evergreen content, in particular, can help you generate traffic over time, without investing much effort, and with the right tools, you can bolster and automate this traffic generation. 

In fact, one of HubSpot’s studies showed that 76% of their blog visits came via “old posts” and so did 92% of their leads.

But this kind of traffic and lead generation requires consistent promotion of evergreen content.

This post is a summary of six social media tools that can help you reap the ROI of evergreen content.

  1. DrumUp: Primarily a social media management tool, DrumUp can assist in storing your evergreen content and consistently promoting it on social media on your behalf. Since DrumUp has content libraries, you can create a library dedicated to evergreen content by “Bulk uploading” or separately typing and uploading multiple versions of social media posts created for your evergreen posts and infographics. Then, you can set particular social media posts on a “repeat posting schedule” to be published on certain days at certain times, or you can choose for the entire library of content to be shuffled and posted at random at a frequency chosen by you (Eg. once a day or twice a week, etc.). This way, your social accounts are always active, your evergreen posts get their due and generate traffic for you year-round without your involvement, and you don’t have to scramble from day to day to create posts for social media. 
  1. CoSchedule:CoSchedule is another social media management tool that can double up as an evergreen content promoter. While it doesn’t focus on automating year-round promotions, it has an interesting alternative to consistent evergreen content promotion. CoSchedule allows social media managers to create “content promotion templates” that are stand-ins for the posts you want to promote. These templates are basically predetermined promotion cycles that you create, inclusive of the dates and times when you want posts to be published on social media starting from the day you first publish the post on your blog. Once you have created your template, you can simply drop it on any post you want to promote, instantly applying the promotion cycle to it. This way, you don’t have to recreate the promotion cycle for every evergreen post, and can make do with the templates.


  1. MeetEdgar: While MeetEdgar is a social media management tool, its primary focus is optimum use of evergreen content. Edgar also works with libraries, much like DrumUp does. When you create an account on Edgar, you are prompted to also fill content in pre-labelled libraries. The libraries can be custom labelled if necessary. Once you have populated content libraries with evergreen content, you need to create “posting periods” on preferable days and times of the week. Once you have, you can set your content to automating publishing, and the tool will randomly post content from your libraries during your chosen posting periods. This way, your social media accounts are kept active and your evergreen content is maximized to fulfil its traffic and lead generation potential.


  1. Sendible: Sendible is yet another social media management tool that allows you to automate content promotion. You can use this capability to automatically publish and make the most of your evergreen content. Sendible’s method of auto-sharing doesn’t work like the other tools discussed in this post. While it does let you automatically post selected content, it doesn’t work with organized content libraries. Instead, the tool lets you add evergreen content and best posts to “Automated queues” that you can set on a repeat schedule. This however, does not include the shuffling of posts to ensure that the repeats are not monotonous. With automated queues, you can ensure consistent activity of your social media accounts and get the most out of your evergreen content.


  1. Mention: Primarily a social media monitoring tool, Mention lets you listen in on conversations of your interest on social media. By keeping tabs on important conversations, you can identify the right instances to boost engagement with your evergreen content. Twitter chats, for instance, sometimes give you the opportunity to share your work or opinions about very specific topics. Since the chats attract a lot of activity and impressions, sharing content with the right hashtag during this period could amplify your evergreen content’s visibility and impact. Similarly, you can also identify the interest of influencers in your content by monitoring them and their conversations to find opportunities for meaningful conversational exchanges. This way, you are ready and able to participate in invaluable conversations, and you have your contribution (evergreen content) planned in advance.


  1. Google Analytics: Social media analytics are a critical part of maximizing the ROI of evergreen content, but the added expense and complexity of using analytics tools can make the process more difficult. Google Analytics is a great, free alternative. Using Google Analytics, you can optimize your evergreen content for search. The tool’s Keyword Planner and customer acquisition insights give you insights into which keywords to use. When you use keywords in titles and subheads, it can greatly impact your searchability. Google Analytics will also tell you which posts are getting most visits and which posts are engaging your visitors for more time. Using that data, you can create guides optimized to attract more visits and keep visitors engaged. Content that is created well is easy to promote. By creating excellent evergreen content, you increase its ability to generate traffic and leads.

Evergreen content is an incredible tool to generate traffic and leads year-round. With the right social media tools, you can maximize the ROI of your evergreen content.