Informatica Corporation, a provider of data integration software, has announced a development and OEM partnership with Composite Software, a provider of enterprise information integration (EII) solutions. Under the agreement, Informatica will immediately offer the Composite Information Server as a complement to the Informatica PowerCenter data integration platform. From the PowerCenter platform, customers can now directly access data on the fly from their transactional systems which, when combined with historical data already residing in their data warehouses, is designed to provide them with a more comprehensive view of their business and help enable a faster response to changing market conditions.

Composite’s EII technology is designed for simplicity, performance, and breadth of data access when creating real-time composite views across disparate data sources. Like PowerCenter, Composite technology is based on a services-oriented architecture that promotes reuse of objects, views, and services; provides robust metadata; and employs a graphical interface for simplified development and management.

The Composite Integration Server will be available on an OEM basis from Informatica in the second quarter of 2005, and is being jointly supported by Informatica and Composite Software. First-phase integration of the two technologies is currently scheduled to be delivered in Fall 2005.