TaTaTu, the new blockchain based social entertainment platform that rewards users for watching and sharing content, announced the launch of its platform in five countries including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Italy. With its new Android, iOS and web apps, Tatatu allows its users to redeem TTU Token with coupons and promo codes to give them access to special discounts and prices to buy products and services.

The coupons and promo codes initiative is driven by the partnership with Triboo, an Italian digital transformation company, which manages more than 100 e-commerce website for international brands in fashion and mass market industries. Moreover, Samsung Electronics Italia, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co will also provide TATATU’s users with promo codes as an exclusive player in the handset manufacturer category.

Available on the Android, iOS and Web Apps, TaTaTu combines features from the major VOD platforms and social networks with a system that rewards users for watching videos through the blockchain. At launch, TaTaTu holds over 900 titles and more than 1800 hours of movie, TV and digital content.

TaTaTu is an entertainment platform that incentivizes content consumption by offering digital tokens for views generated both by themselves and from their friends. Users can easily invite their friends to join TaTaTu, watch and create videos that can be shared with friends, chat with other members, and share the content they like. The token will reward users for viewing content and allow advertisers to pay for advertising on the platform. The tokens will be redeemable through the TaTaTu Store. 

To participate in the platform, advertisers purchase TTU tokens, which are then distributed to the users through the novel rewards system. These digital tokens are given out to creators and consumers of content, including those from their referred friends, as they participate in the network.