Seismic, an enterprise-grade sales enablement solution, announced it will join Marketo’s LaunchPoint ecosystem, the a robust community of partner technologies. The integration is meant to improve lead scoring and advanced campaigns for marketers while simultaneously bolstering the automatic creation of hyper-personalized sales content, further proving marketing teams’ contributions to the bottom line at large enterprises.

Through the new integration, Seismic’s sales content usage and engagement analytics–which reveal in real-time when and for how long prospects interact with sales content, and whether they share it with others–can now be incorporated into Marketo’s lead scoring functionality. The result is higher quality leads being passed from marketing to sales, along with a more complete look into what marketing campaigns are most effective when it comes to actually closing deals.

Additionally, campaign data accumulated and analyzed in Marketo can now be automatically incorporated into Seismic’s dynamic content assembly feature, LiveDocs technology, and into Seismic’s machine learning-powered predictive content engine. The result is the same hyper personalized experience leads have become accustomed to at the top of the funnel through marketing automation platforms, now at every touchpoint throughout the buyer’s journey, from first interaction to close. Demand Metric found that 80% of B2B enterprises say sales objectives are better met through such personalized experiences.