Salesforce has reportedly acquired enterprise chat startup Activa Live in a move that would appear to be an attempt to enhance the company’s customer support functionality, perhaps to give it a stronger foothold in the call center market.

Activa Live is the developer of Activa Live Chat, an enterprise, on-demand live chat software that offers live site visitor interaction. The tool can be used on Windows, Mac, or Linux in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and other web browsers. It provides users with information about customers’ geographic location, web browser, screen resolution, and even local weather so that service providers can target conversions. In addition to offering features such as allowing operators to build a library of canned, pre-designed messages which can be pushed to a chat client easily, saving typing and time. It also allows operators to transfer chats back and forth between general staff and specialists on-the-fly to help satisfy customer inquiries.

Activa has been offered as an app on Salesforce’s App Exchange. The company’s technology is used by Best Buy, American Apparel, and a number of other recognizable brands.

Salesforce and Activa Live have not released details about the acquisition.