Pinterest Launches Pinterest Shop — a brand new shopping profile — as part of Small Business Saturday (Nov. 30). In this new profile hand-curated by Pinterest, you’ll find hundreds of shoppable Product Pins from 17 different small businesses that make and sell unique goods, are mission-driven, diverse, and have uploaded their product catalog to Pinterest (which automatically turn into shoppable Product Pins). 

Including hundreds of shoppable Product Pins from the 17 businesses, @PinterestShop highlights the creativity, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship of small businesses using Pinterest with each board featuring approx. 20 products to give consumers an overview of each business’s world. Each Pin leads to the checkout page of the small business. Pinterest will continue updating the account with products from select businesses. 

>Since Pinterest is a visual discovery engine, and not a social network, there’s an incredible value to the open mindset of Pinners. The powerful search and discovery engine combined with technology that matches people to personalized ideas based on visually similar concepts called, “The Taste Graph.” 

Everything on Pinterest is shoppable, instead of some content needing to compete with personal photos. Small businesses recognize the opportunity to connect with audiences in a personal and authentic way on Pinterest — research shows: 

  • Participating retail brands saw 2x higher return on ad spend with Pinterest and 1.3x higher return than from traditional search.

  • Ultimately, the Pinner mindset is different. People come to Pinterest to discover new ideas, new brands and to shop. They are open to discovering new brands. In fact, 83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on the content they saw from brands on Pinterest.

  • Pinterest surpasses social media sites when it comes to finding and shopping for products, at 48%. That’s three times more than the next closest—Facebook—at 14% of users. (Cowen & Co., Jan 2019 as reported in eMarketer). It’s not only online though,  57% of weekly Pinners have used the site in store while shopping (GfK, US, Pinterest Path to Purchase Study among Weekly Pinners who use Pinterest in the Category, Nov 2018).