Pathlore Software Corporation has released Pathlore Learning Management System (LMS) 6.0. Release 6.0 is an upgrade to Pathlore’s existing enterprise LMS suite. Pathlore develops software that delivers, tracks and reports on corporate training over the Internet.

The Pathlore LMS 6.0 suite offers new features, including security and compliance tools, that are designed to: construct audit trails and electronic signatures, which meet the code of federal regulations for electronic records (FDA 21 CFR Part 11); measure, analyze, and track employee know-how; meet Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, which sets standards for making information technology available to people with disabilities; arm administrators with new ways to monitor and control access to the LMS; and alert workers when they need to take training. Along with tools for complying with government regulations, Pathlore has added features for blended learning such as a content management capability that are designed to allow customers to draw together different modes of training such as classroom instruction, online courses and virtual classes.