Knova, Inc., a developer of content management software, has announced its newest release, immPowered. Knova’s latest offering provides Web site management software as a low-cost service instead of buying, installing, and maintaining software. Knova’s installed CMS package, immedia, is a software service based on the immedia content management engine and offers the same site management without having to purchase and install immedia.

immPowered is a Web-native application. That is, clients subscribe seat licenses only for those who will be updating their sites. immPowered resides on Knova servers and is accessed through a standard web browser. There is no software to install; sites can be updated from any browser at any location. The only change to the customer Web site is adding JavaScript tags (created by immPowered for cut-and-paste use) where content is to appear.  

Unlike HTML page editors, immPowered is a full functioning, multi-page, schedule driven, approval enabled, secure and automated content management system. Adding or changing content–by simply clicking immPowered’s save icon–automatically updates all links and associated changes throughout the website. immPowered also comes with a search engine that automatically indexes every time content is changed.  Content can be scheduled to appear, archive and be deleted by date. Knova is offering introductory pricing packages for immPowered that include multiple users, training, and site integration work for initial customers. Knova will demo immPowered with a prospect’s actual Web site.