KANA Software, Inc., a provider of multi-channel customer service, has announced enhancements to KANA IQ, the company’s solution for enterprise knowledge management and customer service optimization. KANA IQ 9.1 features new workflow capabilities for managing the process of translating and maintaining knowledge base content in multiple languages. The software also offers new knowledge base revision management capabilities.

KANA IQ delivers on-demand advice that guides agents through the process of diagnosing the inquiry and determining the right answer. This enhanced version is designed to make it easier to produce and manage content through workflow processes, providing visibility and control over language translation. With this release, KANA has delivered auditing capabilities through revision management of knowledge bases to meet new, demanding requirements. The latest version of KANA IQ can validate what knowledge base content existed at any point in time. Organizations can save and compare versions of their knowledge base from different time periods. Changes are highlighted and the object history is preserved as documentation in case of litigation or regulatory review.

KANA’s new translation workflow and compliance auditing features combine with other key features such as Content Spidering, Federated Search, and WYSIWYG authoring to provide a Knowledge-Centered Support platform in the industry. KANA IQ 9.1 is available immediately.