FanHero, a U.S.-based mobile monetization, and media platform says it is taking a different approach to how celebrities engage their followers. By providing a white-label app that is fully supported by a personalized growth team, FanHero says it gives celebrities full control of their content business and allows them to directly reach 100% of their audience. FanHero provides one-on-one full support and management in PR, content strategy, and actionable business intelligence. FanHero says it has currently signed 100+ celebrities within various verticals, with a combined social reach of over 100 million users globally. Its mission is to empower people and organizations by enabling them to distribute, analyze, and monetize content.

Created with the aim of reinventing the relationship between a “Fan” and their “Hero”, this platform empowers both parties to have an authentic, interactive, and controlled relationship. It gives the celebrity ownership over all the data and allows them to tap into a wide variety of additional revenue and sponsorship opportunities. FanHero says it differs from its competitors by offering celebrities richer engagement options, a higher revenue share, and full, personalized support in content strategy and user data analysis. Furthermore, celebrities do not have to pay any cost to become a part of the FanHero community, as the app development and account management is completely free. FanHero functions as a social network aggregator and extension to the celebrities’ brands, allowing fans to gather information and engage with not just their hero, but also with each other. Fan Hero says Heroes can reach 100% of the people that download their app whereas, on other social platforms, such as Facebook, they can only reach of a fraction of their follower base, sometimes below 1%.

The app further provides a platform for exclusive content, allowing fans to get a more intimate look at their hero and their hero’s world, therefore becoming a FanHero. Celebrities can use their personalized app to post what they want, when they want – whether it’s a live video, a photo, or a written message and even use their personalized app to reach untapped revenue streams via FanHero’s TV Channel or Pay-Per-View functionality.