EDGAR Online, Inc., a provider of business and financial information, has announced the availability of a new product that delivers XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) formatted fundamental company data directly into Microsoft Office Excel worksheets. As part of Microsoft’s Partner Program, EDGAR Online has created the EDGAR Online I-Metrics Excel Add-In that is designed to eliminate “copy and paste” tasks that would otherwise be necessary to get financial data into a worksheet.

EDGAR Online I-Metrics Excel Add-In is also intended to offer: a simple interface to gain access to EDGAR Online datasets in a XBRL format directly from an Excel workbook; the ability to retrieve quarterly, annual, year to date, and trailing twelve month company data by ticker or company name through an integrated Excel data retrieval wizard; timely and fast data retrieval through EDGAR Online’s Microsoft .Net compliant Web Service; integration with other EDGAR Online products allow customers to link from Excel to “as reported” EDGAR Online filings; and the ability to leverage existing or create new templates or models through Excel functions.