Name With The Face: Dylan MacNamara

Job Title: Senior Deputy Editor

Organization: Bleacher Report, Inc.


Job Function

With a job description that most sports fans would salivate over, Dylan MacNamara, senior deputy editor at digital sports media network Bleacher Report, Inc., manages the site’s NFL associate editors and the myriad featured columnists who report to them. “I’m also involved with the NBA team, specifically helping during creative sessions and talent recruitment,” says MacNamara, who is also helping to build a scouting department for the site.

A relatively new project revolves around the creation of new writer tools that will give writers the ability to create compelling visual content such as an infographic template to illustrate how a particular NBA player struggles shooting from a certain spot on the floor. “Visuals are a big play for us in 2013,” MacNamara says.

In a Day’s Work

MacNamara says that Bleacher Report excels at internal communications. “From creative brainstorm sessions, to sitting down with the product and design teams, to syncing with sport-specific editors on daily content plans, much of a typical day is spent in a conference room or on the phone.” He also spends time each day scouring the web, “making sure there aren’t any niche stories out there that we aren’t covering.”

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

“[Bleacher Report founder] Dave Finocchio and I went to Turner Broadcasting headquarters in Atlanta to meet with some of the NBA Digital folks and got to hang out in the studio during a live broadcast and somehow ended up in front of the camera. Ernie Johnson introduced us as the ‘Bleacher Report guys’ and Shaq said we looked like the Backstreet Boys. Wasn’t totally sure how to take that, but a memorable moment nonetheless.”

View From the Desk

“We’ve recently reshuffled desks into ‘pods.’ The goal is to get those who work on the same sports but for different distribution channels in sync and create an open dialogue throughout the day on the news items that come across our desk[s].”

Outside Interest

“Is saying my favorite hobby is my job a cop out? It’s a funny feeling to come home at the end of the day and not want to flip on SportsCenter to catch up on the day’s sports news, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

If Not Econtent, Then What?

“Teaching English in Argentina, where I lived for a year. I could also see myself getting into coaching, scouting, or working for an NFL team in some capacity.”