DataPower Technology, Inc., a provider of intelligent XML-Aware Network (XAN) infrastructure, has joined F5 Networks’ iControl Alliance Program in order to deliver and market joint solutions with F5 Networks. As part of the alliance, the companies have demonstrated interoperability between F5’s BIG-IP Application Traffic Management products and DataPower’s XML-Aware Networking devices. The F5 and DataPower partnership is intended to offer Web-service-enabled enterprises network intelligence, message-level security, wirespeed performance, and reliability using XML-aware application traffic management.

DataPower’s XS40 XML Security Gateway and DataPower XA35 XML Accelerator are network devices (rather than server appliances) for offloading XML processing and securing Web services. Both companies have developed SOAP-based management APIs, and the compatibility between F5’s iControl API and DataPower’s Web services management API is a component of the partnership. The partnership between F5 Networks and DataPower Technology is intended to offer near linear scalability, increased efficiency, and high reliability for enterprises deploying Web Service and XML applications. F5 and DataPower make it easier to manage servers, lower special development costs, and reduce the quantity of hardware and level of effort required to secure and accelerate XML applications.  

DataPower offers a family of XML-Aware Networking devices that are powered by its own XG3–a wirespeed XML processing technology. Coupled with Application Traffic Management providers like F5, DataPower enables security, application processing, and carrier-grade reliability for all Web Service and XML applications.

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