Data Gran, an artificial intelligence and machine learning-based toolkit designed to optimize digital advertising spend, announced the official release of AdOptimizer. The artificial intelligence-based technology aims to reduce cost-per-customer acquisition by optimizing advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram through real-time predictive analysis that identifies, and ultimately funnels advertising dollars to, the top performing campaign variety.

Data Gran says the technology, which has been in beta testing for two years with clients like Subway and Coors Light, has a proven track record of increasing efficiency in campaign execution and increasing ROI for every ad dollar spent. On average, beta clients saw double-digit returns on ad dollars spent on Facebook and Instagram, reducing cost per consumer by 20% on average, and increasing the ROI of each individual campaign.

Data Gran’s AdOptimizer technology, which was developed in 2015, was created to simplify the pain points in digital advertising: execution, transparency, and results. The web-based tool was designed with a simple user interface that makes creating a campaign as simple as uploading a set of creatives and selecting key attributes of the targeted consumer base. From there, Data Gran’s technology automatically creates 50 variations defined by the set parameters, running multiple AI algorithms to inform and adjust ad buys to the highest-performing combination. After two days, the tool uses artificial intelligence to funnel all of the available budget to the campaign variation eliciting the highest engaged audience, which drastically reduces cost per consumer and churn rate for each ad dollar spent.

Data Gran will be rolling out its Google functionality in the coming weeks, followed by a predictive data analysis program, Big Data Analysis, that uses artificial intelligence to predict the performance of creatives, including color, shapes sentiment, and desired objective.