CyberAlert, Inc., a media monitoring company, has announced the launch of BlogSquirrel, a service that is designed to enable businesses to efficiently monitor the contents of over 100,000 blogs. Subscribers to the new blog tracking service automatically receive daily (or more frequent) email alerts on new blog postings that contain the client’s specified key words and phrases. The service is designed for use by businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations to monitor blogs for new articles and postings that mention company or organization name, brands, people, competitors, or issues.

BlogSquirrel is also designed to automatically identify new blogs and add them daily to its watch list. Blogs requested by clients are added immediately. BlogSquirrel delivers blog clips each day via email before start of business. Each day’s alert contains all new blog postings found during the previous 24 hours. Clients can monitor all 100,000 blogs or create a custom list of blogs to be monitored. BlogSquirrel saves all blog clips in a “digital clip book,” a searchable database accessible at anytime from anywhere by multiple users. For each clip, the system saves the name of the blog, title of posting, date of posting, author’s name, URL, hotlink to source, extract of content with key words highlighted, and a cache of the post’s full text.