TikTok sensation Vi Luong became a full-time content creator 10 months after she uploaded her first video to the platform. She learned how to become social media savvy after enrolling in a social media class at Chapman University. 

Her series on the art of posing and finding your right angles helped her garner the fans she needed to make it big last year. Her daily posts brush on subjects connected to photo-editing techniques, solo at-home photo shoots, and having loved ones as your personal photographers

Vi has expanded beyond helping those lacking in her photography skills. The Californian with 1M followers makes relatable content about growing up as a first-generation American, K-Pop trends, and general fashion/ beauty content

TikTok sensation @_viluong became a full-time creator 10 months after she uploaded her first video and took a #SocialMedia class @ChapmanU. #Stan #ContentEntrepreneur Click To Tweet

Today, Vi charges anywhere between $8K and $10K for one sponsored post. In April, she gave Insider a behind-the-scenes look at her business: “Right now, I am actually scaling back on deals,” says. “But throughout this year, I’d say I’ve done on average about four to seven deals a month. Three of those are yearlong deals that I have to post about every month.” 

Besides brand deals and sponsorship posts, the Gen Zer finances her life by using TikTok’s Creator Fund.

Why we’re a Stan: Vi took the info she learned in a college course to build every TikToker’s dream – a strong and loyal fan base.

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